25 October 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Together

I'm not sure what it is with our extended families... on both sides...

So you'll have to let me know if you find this strange as well...

Right before we returned to Niger and the backside of the Sahara Desert in 2010, the last family hurrah took place at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. It is about as close as you can get to Niger in Michigan. Seriously.

...and this was Brendan's fb profile pic for almost the entire term. Maybe he changed it while we were in Scotland on the way home???
This time, on literally our first weekend "home" in Midland after three years away and five weeks of nonstop traveling, we met up with family near Sleeping Bear again, for a family reunion with the other side.

Good thing we weren't tired of the sand.

Actually, I don't think my kids ever get tired of the sand. It might only be me, but then again, I spend more time than anyone else sweeping it back out of my house again... and again... and again!


Reality though? 

We might have found it a little ironic, but the place JUST. DIDN'T. MATTER.

Because we are family.

We are having fun, making memories, and celebrating...


Somehow, when God said that it wasn't good for man to be alone... I don't think that just referred to marriage.

There's just something so magical about being together... and the place, the activity, the externals? They simply melt into unimportant.

That face just says it all.

Together, especially when we know not to take it for granted, is nothing less than beautifully thrilling!

Join up with Lisa-Jo of Gypsy Mama fame for today's Five Minute Friday write... 
on the topic of together! She explains all the particulars.

And if you take a gander, be sure to let me know. 
I'd love to read your take on today's word.


  1. What fun pictures. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. Beautiful together moments! I love that the closest you can get to the Sahara desert is in Michigan! I love it when our family gets together - the big extended family. It's a beautiful thing!

    1. we have a blast - when the extended gang from either side gets together. i also love that my hubby and several of his cousins are still close. that's not so much the case on my side of the family.

  3. What a fun view of together! The photos really added to the joy.

    1. something joyful about jumping over the edge of a dune... really feels like you are flying, for just a sec at least.

  4. Looks like an awesome together time! Being together, spending time, making memories~such precious, precious gifts!!

    1. like the commercial says... priceless! thanks for popping by today.

  5. Really enjoyed these pictures of your fun in the sun. Here in Indiana today, it's pretty nippy, and very windy. Ahh, where are the days of summer now?


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