24 October 2013

~ A World I Can't Even Imagine ~

I've enjoyed following Laura's blog and on line site for a few years now. One thing I always appreciate is that she isn't afraid to ask hard questions and she doesn't shy away from admitting that she doesn't have all of the answers, but is willing to explore unconventional ideas in the search for those answers. This book is no different.

This book takes a hard look into a terrible and dark world, one that I glimpsed briefly while traveling in SE Asia. The courage it takes for her to send her husband off, with her blessing, to regularly mingle in that world must come from God and God alone. I don't know how they lived this - but am thankful for God's grace that has clearly sustained them.

Not only a gripping, compelling read winsomely shared, this book has also impressed upon me the truth that those brave men who fight this type of injustice are also someone's husband... someone's son... When I think about what it would be like for my own son to be doing this kind of work? My commitment to pray for and support in any way I can this type of work has been renewed.

The small chunk of time that it takes to read this book will not be time wasted if you allow the message to change you... motivate you... it will be time well spent and invested.

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