03 May 2013

Five Minute Friday - Brave

"How could we forget those ancient myths that stand at the beginning of all peoples,
the myths about dragons that at the last moment are turned into princesses?
Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses
who are only waiting to see us,
once, beautiful and brave.
Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest being, something helpless that wants help from us.
So you must not be frightened…"
- Ranier Marie Rilke

Screen Shot from 1980s TV series, Beauty and the Beast,
starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.

I date myself when I confess that for a season, in my much younger days, this was my favorite TV show. I was so enamored with the show that I actually purchased a cassette tape featuring Ron Perlman (as Vincent... the Beast) reciting poetry while the program's soundtrack played. It wasn't long before those words, the lines above, they were seared into my soul... they still come  oft' to mind and perhaps, in some small sense, form a part of the anthem of this life I've been given.

So many qualify brave as about self... a choosing to set aside my own fear to do something remarkable and courageous, often wonderful and serving; it's a deliberate disregard of all the best reasons why not to stand on the single reason to say... or shout... or even faintly whisper... "Yes..."

Tempting, to let brave become all about me instead of all about others. After all, who doesn't desire to be seen "beautiful and brave?" Does that desire sully the splendor? Cower the courage?

Perhaps. For all in this imperfect world is dulled by the tarnish of sin.

As such, so would be all bravery... except that of the man who sweat tears, agonized in prayer, struggled to say, "Yes..." without any delusions of grandeur of "beautiful and brave," but rather real knowledge of ultimate cost...

He thrice whispered, "Not my will, but Thine..." 

He was brave.

I ask Him to share His bravery with me... strength and courage to extend a hand, a heart, not to just the perceived princesses in this life, but also to the dreaded dragons, for the sake of another.

"...simply fixing our gaze upon Jesus, our Prince Leader in the faith, who will also award us the prize. He, for the sake of the joy which lay before Him, patiently endured the cross, looking with contempt upon its shame, and afterwards seated Himself-- where He still sits--at the right hand of the throne of God." (Hebrews 2.2, Weymouth New Testament)

If you want to join us this week, head on over to Lisa Jo's. 


  1. This is amazing. So much to be inspired by & digest in just 5 short minutes. This really encouraged me, thanks for sharing it. Have a great day.

    1. amazing how God uses even our mere words to encourage, challenge and inspire. i'm thankful for that.

      grateful you popped over... and stayed long enough to say "Hi!"

  2. I absolutely LOVE that you watched that show. I remember seeing a few episodes =)
    "Yes..." without any delusions of grandeur of "beautiful and brave," but rather real knowledge of ultimate cost...
    Although He chose without the delusion of beauty of his decision, it is still BEAUTIFUL the love demonstrated by Christ in full knowledge of the cost!

    1. Jess... BEAUTIFUL... yep, in all caps, too!


      thankful for beautiful you!

  3. What a beautiful, True picture of BRAVE. I love it. Sometimes I forget that my Savior is the ultimate example of bravery. Saying that yes despite the cost. Thank you. Blessings and happy weekend to you! :)

    1. and aren't we so thankful He is?

      thanks for visiting!

  4. I had to read this about 3 times and still unable to digest it all. To think of Him as the picture perfect showing of bravery and then to realize that He will share that bravery with us.

    1. hmmmm... not sure if that is good or bad... having to reread it so often. :-) thanks for sticking with it!

      hope you have a restful, blessed and wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh, Richelle, I was thinking of how brave Christ was during my prayer time this morning so it was a delight to read your post. I think when we follow Him there will be times where our bravery will help another, and at other times, it will be to look inward at what God calls us to look at, and which in the end will be used for our and someone's good...Praying your prep for your move is going well :)

    1. Thanks Dolly - we sure are keeping busy around here these days!

  6. Thank you for sharing words to remind us to be Brave with God. I'm so excited to find your blog and learn more about your awesome life and family!

    1. glad you stopped by as well. thanks for saying hi!

  7. I remember that show:) And I love how you used brave here, pointing us to Christ. I can be brave in his strength. Beautiful!


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