02 May 2013

"Why won't you help me?"

...my child angrily yelled!

Then ~

 tears began to pool in those eyes... 

then roll...

then pour... 

down my furiously angry, tired and hurt dear one's face.

Same child didn't like it, though, when I asked what I should say to siblings when my helping one looked like it was hurting them, from their point of view. 

My child also didn't like it when I asked if God should only help me in only the ways I designate agreeable. 

That question functioned as a well placed Holy Spirit reminder to said offspring's mama... I had been writing out thoughts along those lines - literally - as I was summoned to referee the altercation leading to this conversation...

...a conversation resulting from a ridiculous argument over where specific mattresses were placed on the bedroom floor (we all often sleep in one room during hot season so we can use an air conditioner and keep the electric bill at least on the same target as reasonable).... and a refusal of all parties to consider compromise or a ceding of individual rights.

I've been thinking about this subject a lot 
          - and God just won't be put in a box 
                    - and that fact drives mere humans crazy.

We like to say God always... and then fill in the blank.

I do believe that. I believe He is always holy, always good, always loving, always true, always just, always everywhere, always all-powerful, always omniscient, always intimately involved and implicated in the affairs of men's lives.

It's just that sometimes, it doesn't feel that way or look that way or make sense at all. Maybe that's because He and I define good in a particular situation differently. Then just because His definition of good doesn't make sense to me, I declare it bad or improbably instead of simply trusting the One Who always, ultimately proves Himself true. I've got to give up this idea of insisting that everything He does make sense to me.

Sometimes, just like my kid, I bury my head in my pillow and cry out to God, "Why won't you just help me?"

Because...? God's plan, His responses to my cries, His actions towards me certainly haven't appeared, felt or resulted in anything I'd remotely qualify as "help!" 

...at least not from my perspective.

Just like from my child's perspective...

Sobs finally spent, we talked about how it really doesn't make sense to come to God and say, "Help me... and this is what I want You to do and how I want You to do it and when I want it taken care of." That makes God nothing more than a genie in a bottle...

What I think will be most helpful in the moment really isn't most helpful or right when considered from the perspective of a lifetime... 

Imagine how that effect could only be exponentially multiplied when considering God's point of view, the perspective of eternity?

So... what's your perspective?
Do you ever get mad at God for not helping you as you prescribed?

Please share about a recent time when your immediate ideas of help clearly did not mesh with God's plan for your help or rescue.


  1. It's not recent BUT in sixth grade I was absolutely convinced that my parents should listen to God and move our whole family to the other side of town (1.5 hours across Houston) so that I could live by my best friends.
    I'm thankful tonight that you're such a good mama. And I get to glean.

    1. it's not a one way street, sweet lady. :-)

      i wonder how many of us have a story like yours where mom and dad refused the only thing that we think we want...


  2. This is amazing. And well said. And I needed it. Thank you!

    1. glad it encouraged you. thanks for stopping by and saying hi, too!


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