18 March 2015

Spring 2015 Prayer Letter

Can a Person be an Answer to Prayer?

«Alors il dit à ses disciples:
La moisson est grande, mais il y a peu d'ouvriers.
Priez donc le maître de la moisson d'envoyer des ouvriers dans sa moisson.»
Matthieu 9.37 à 38

Have you ever had someone tell you, on more than one occasion, that you are an answer to their specific prayer? It is at one moment bewildering, and at the next, humbling. Our response is first one of wonder, knowing our own insufficiency. Later, we are overwhelmed by thankfulness for the graciousness of God in our lives.

The amazing adventure God has been writing in our lives now includes our biggest transition chapter yet: from overseas missions in Niger, West Africa… to North American missions in Quebec City. We thank God daily for this new opportunity to proclaim His precious gift of salvation.

In the front hallway of the office of Aujourd’hui Espoir (Hope for Today), hangs a picture of a sower in a field. Underneath the picture is the following Bible verse:

“Then saith he unto his disciples,
The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers
into his harvest.”
Matthew 9:37-38

Tim had the privilege of spending January and February in Quebec City, helping with the daily production of Hope for Today’s French radio and television programming. On several occasions, studio staff would say to him, “You know, we’ve been praying for two years that God would send us someone like you to come and help us with this ministry.” Wow! That’s encouraging! Tim had the opportunity to attend weekly prayer meetings with our new ministry colleagues and was heartened to see the commitment and energy devoted to prayer as the board of directors, leaders and volunteers met for an open prayer time via Skype every Thursday evening.

We believe that what has seemed, at times, an interminably long and open-ended research of God’s will for our future has actually been a God-orchestrated and Holy Spirit guided 4,800 mile ministry transfer. God hears the prayers of His children, He has a plan of redemption for His world, and He moves His team members from place to place to fill these roles.

A large portion of Tim’s recent volunteer time up in Quebec was spent editing episodes of the television program Words of Life. You can view a sample of these programs on Hope for Today’s website: http://espoir.ca/2015.La-parole-vivante.htm


Sounds like the title of an article on home remedies!

For us it is the myriad of details to be taken care of before moving day: dentist appointments, weddings, travels, a high school graduation, visits with friends and loved-ones, assembling all of those things we need to set up house (and left in Niger), and PACKING. Lord willing, July 1st we will begin our trek to Quebec and jump feet first into this new ministry. We sincerely appreciate your prayers for this new step in our lives. 

Could you also pray with us about all of these small details and big preparations?

Leaving the Nest

Both Brendan and Rebekah will be staying in Michigan when the rest of us move north.

Brendan will continue his studies at Saginaw Valley State University. He is currently pursuing a degree in Biology and has secured an internship this summer, working at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Please pray for him as he studies, interns and keeps up with his part-time jobs.

Rebekah has been accepted at Faith Baptist Bible College. She plans to begin studying missions nursing this fall. She’ll be living with family and continue working here in Midland this summer. Either Tim or Richelle will make a trip back in August to help her with those first steps of transition into college life.


“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.”
~ from Philippians 4 ~

It is a privilege for us to partner with you for world evangelism. We’ve got such an amazing team of friends and family standing with us!

Churches 20
Families 38
Individuals 4

of our recommended monthly support has been committed!

Thinking of Friends in Niger

If you follow world news, you may have seen Niger prominently displayed there more than once in the past few months. In the eastern part of the country, spill-over violence from the Boko Haram insurgency in northeastern Nigeria has displaced thousands of Nigeriens from their homes. In several of the larger cities of Niger, dozens of churches, schools, and homes and businesses were burned by mobs angered over the depiction of the prophet Mohammed in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Our own church, EEB Harobanda, was attacked and burned at that time. Please pray for our dear brothers and sisters, the Christians of Niger, missionary workers, and their Muslim friends who protected them. We know that God will never abandon His children… that they are always in His Hands.

Outfit and Passage

We are thanking God! He has moved in the hearts of His people and He has provided our recommended support to live and serve in Quebec. We have been stunned by the generous and sacrificial response to our presentation of this work. We thank God for both those who have committed to support us and for those who are currently investing in this ministry.

We are now putting together our O/P budget for our move to Quebec. Please pray with us for wisdom as we approach the process of budgeting for the expenses of moving the family up to Quebec City, getting set up in a home, securing uniforms and educational supplies for a new school, and significant setup at the studio for Tim’s ministry. We are trusting the same God who is moving us on our way, Who already knows all of these details and expenses, and Who has already planned for how they will be funded.

We also don’t want to forget to thank many of you – you who have gifted us with dressers, mattresses, bed frames, chairs, dishes… and other items – all of which are God-sends as we look forward to the business of setting up house again on this side of the water.

Living Water / L’Eau Vive

We thank God that one of the few Christian schools in Quebec is located in Quebec City. Our new furlough schedule (traveling to the States for several weeks each summer) will allow us to keep the children in the same school for several years at a time. This will be extremely helpful, as the children are re-entering school in French.

Please pray for each of them. Could you imagine showing up at a new school for a new school year knowing that it was going to be in a language which is not your mother tongue?

Founded in the 1980s, L’Eau Vive has about 280 students. Initially organized as a Christian school within the public system, L’Eau Vive was privatized in 2001. It is the only accredited Christian school in the province of Quebec. Again, we thank God for meeting this educational need for our family. It fills a very important niche for Christian parents seeking a quality education for their children. We know the school would also covet your prayers.

Back to School

In January, Richelle began an online program and is working towards her certification, providing her with the necessary qualifications to teach English as a second language. Since she is working with the ESL class at Calvary this year, she’s already able to use much of what she is learning.

In April, she will be heading for Montreal for two weeks to complete the teaching practicum portion of the class. Please pray as she travels… and for Tim, as it will be his turn to handle all family logistics while she’s gone!


  • Family time over the holidays
  • Great ministry visit for Tim to Quebec in January and February
  • Two teenagers on their way to getting their drivers’ licenses this spring
  • A new-to-us used vehicle (4 wheel drive & seats 8) to carry our family to Quebec
  • Rebekah has been accepted at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankney, Iowa for the fall semester
  • We have located a house to rent, located halfway between the studio and the Christian school children will be attending in the fall
  • An amazing family of mission, studio and ministry partners


  • Details of the secondment agreement with our Canadian partners
  • Provision of Christian worker’s visas from the Canadian government
  • A very busy Spring schedule this spring - pray that we will not get lost in or distracted by all the activity
  • That our family grows in godliness and thankfulness

Thankful to be serving our Lord together with you,
Tim, Richelle,
Brendan, Rebekah Joy, Nadia, Anna, Victoria, Jonathan, Elsie Mae &
Mary Michelle Wright


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