24 May 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ View


It catches me off-guard, what surprises me sometimes.

(And how's that for redundant... really!??)

Victoria did the other night... has it actually, already been a week? Time is flying these days!

Sahel Academy's middlers (i.e. grades 4-8) performed a musical. They've been preparing for this since January. There were tryouts, practices, dance lessons, choreographies, after school practices... Spring Break practices, dress rehearsal week, not to mention lots and lots of singing, dancing, acting, costuming, staging and giggling!

Instead of Sahel's little mini staging area at the front of the old-becoming-new dining hall (still very much in the construction, improvement, restoration phase), this production took place at one of the larger, more impressive venues in town... important enough so that the original performance date was changed because (according to the whispers I seem to remember hearing) THE President planned to speak there the originally scheduled night.

We sat in the front row... And even with that, I wished for a better telephoto lens because the girls were still all too far away as I looked through the view finder to try and take photos even as the chorus and dancers took their places on the stage and we waited for the musical to start.

The silly eighth grade boys started off with their opening dialogue, the one that sets the scene. Then the music starts and Victoria stands up and walks, all alone to the microphone. She looked so tiny. And so confident, too.

Those first few words were her, alone, singing - in front of all those people.

I knew she was going to - and yet? She still surprised me.

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(Thanks to my friend, Shannon. She took the first photo in this post... and has shared several more that I'll be sure to post up soon on the blog!)


  1. Isn't it lovely to watch them grow into the people they're meant to be? I hope my kids never stop surprising me.

    1. i agree... mine haven't yet, either. i wonder what our parents would say if we asked them?

  2. Ah! Beautiful! The show was a success, then! Marvellous.

  3. It's funny. We mothers try so hard to prepare our children for life and then we're shocked when they rise to the challenge:-) I'm so glad you had a lovely evening with your daughter and her schoolmates.

    1. it really was a lovely evening! thanks for saying hi, too!

  4. Ha ha, I love what Linda said.
    This is really sweet, Richelle.

    1. i guess i wasn't so surprised that she rose to the challenge - i think it was the confidence that just oozed and with which she did so. :-)

      2 weeks... and barring no chicken pox outbreak... we're on a jet plane and on our way outta here! happy & sad...

  5. It was awesome! She was breathtaking and totally Tori. So honored to have been there! Love to her and you!

    1. totally tori is totally crashed right now after a 2nd big friday night, 2 weeks in a row. glad you were able to make it, too. lots of love and hugs back your way.

  6. Hi Richelle,
    You must have been so proud of her...what a fun event...praying your packing is going smoothly and God gives you peace as you make your move...Deut. 31:8.

    Blessings to you,

    1. thanks - we're certainly keeping busy!!!

      one more garage sale, then grandparents will be here and then it is grad week and we're headed outta here.


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