21 May 2013

pancakes... WITH butter...

It was one of those things I gave up when we first came to Niger.  

Not the fresh-off-the-griddle-hot stack of fluffy pancakes.

Not the drizzled syrup.
(Sometimes, we even have friends walking off tarmacs bearing gifts of real maple...)

But the butter...

There were lots of reasons. Butter was expensive back then, and?

Not always available. 

So I just stopped eating it and then never started eating using butter on my pancakes again, even when we were back home in the States.

At least not until just recently. 

I'd forgotten just how delightful buttery and syrupy pancakes could be.

Please join me at Missionary Moms' Companion, where I'm near to finishing up a series on transitioning from the field to home assignment. And don't forget to join the conversation in the comments section after the post. Hope to see you there.

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