04 May 2013

Ever heard of the last dance? How about ~ "Their last ride..." ?

Due to the insane busyness of the upcoming month - finalizing moving/closing up house preparations, a couple of garage sales, the end of the school year and our middle school girls' involvement in a drama/musical - Tim decided that horse lessons were too much to continue through May. So a little over a week ago, the girls had their last lesson.

They went early to take photos of all their friends... 
just about every horse at the riding center.

Tori also tagged along; in fact, she's the one who took almost all of these photos, 
except for the jumping few at the end. 

Looks like another budding photographer in the family.

They didn't start jumping until the end of the lesson - and my camera doesn't do to well with action photos and no flash under those conditions...

Chatou and her chocolate thank you gift.

One great piece of news! Theoretically, we'll be able to buy an additional riding session for all three girls while their grandparents are here the week before graduation. That means they'll get to show off what they've learned... 

Gammie, Gampy - bring your cameras and be ready!

And on another note - we are still hoping, praying and will be looking for working with horses and riding opportunities for the girls when we return to the States. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

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