07 May 2013

The Hounds of Hoarding

I wonder if this happens to every first term missionary?

Before ever arriving on the field, this really long list from soon to be colleagues arrives informing:
  • what is available and affordable in country;
  • what is available but expensive;
  • what is available in country but such a poor quality it might as well not be;
  • what is occasionally available under rare circumstances and when it is, it is super-expensive; and
  • what you'd better kiss goodbye for the next few years, OR figure out a way to bring it in your suitcases, OR beg and plead with friends who might be willing to mail you some of whatever it is - but only if feasible,of course, OR just be blessed enough to have friends take the initiative and surprise you with those little bits of home!
Treats received via the post!

Our first time out we brought all sorts of stuff; it literally felt like TONS...


Earlier this week, I posted over at Missionary Mom's Companion, talking about the dreaded hoarding and never-ending accumulation that can be a challenge living the expat lifestyle... or any lifestyle, for a matter of fact. Would love for you to pop on over and join in the discussion!

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