05 May 2013

Beef Bourguignon

To read the recipe Julia Childs uses to prepare this... "Oh my! It is a wonder anyone tries it!" was, I believe, my own word for word quote.

Frankly, I tend to avoid any recipe labeled as difficult or complicated... unless I'm trying to figure out a way to do it so that it is less so.

This time, I succeeded.

Beef bourguignon doesn't have to be THAT hard. Certainly not SIX hours hard... Who has that sort of time? I certainly don't!

And it was still super yummy.

In fact, my family is strongly petitioning that this become our Easter dinner tradition.

I don't think it will take much to persuade me... I may, in fact, already be convinced.

The single stipulation? 
M A S H E D  P O T A T O E S  R E Q U I R E D ! ! ! !  


  1. I must have inadvertently modified the recipe also - it certainly didn't take 6 hours. HA. Who has that kind of time, indeed. :-) YAY for new and delicious dishes!

    1. snort! ;-)

      i've made it a few times now... always slightly different than the original recipe and actually, the last time i can't be sure how close i was to the recipe because frankly? i didn't EVEN look at it and used what was on hand (i.e. green peppers instead of carrots and ham chunks instead of bacon were the two biggies). we have found that the kiddos like a milder wine or watered down version, but that it definitely adds to the flavor of the whole dish!

      and like i said, mashed potatoes and preferable green beans (or cuke/tomato/italian dressing salad) are a definite must have with this meal for my crew!


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