25 November 2013

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ A Monday Smattering of Pictures... things for which we've been thankful the past few months

this week's gratitude list
(#'s 4332 - 4376)

an amazing Pop pop who is now with Jesus, but has left friends and family with so many happy memories and the example of a life lived well to the glory of God

that I was able to be home - it is not easy to lose someone you love - but it is even harder when you are so far away

that all of my children had the privilege of knowing and loving Pop pop

that Pop pop knew he'd be with Jesus

these lyrics - that make me cry and rejoice - all at the same time:

fun with cousins

strange and unusual toys to play with

munchkin squad make-overs

Legos - fun for all ages

jumping off the edge of a sand dune and feeling like you can fly - for just a moment

jumping off the edge of a sand dune with a whole pack of cousins

Volleyball tournaments... and placing in one

finding/making some great new friends

attempts at artisan apple pie

8th grade class trip

hay rides and youth group activities

Halloween walks


minions X2

cuddles with Daddy

fuzzy, furry friends

a sweet friend's birthday party

first time ever leaving for summer camp

family carnival


trips to Cedar Point

Elsie Mae LOVES Mrs. Dumont

sports banquet

certificates of participation

winning the sportsmanship award

realizing that she can be as nice to her siblings and encourage them the same way she does her friends and team mates

fun with friends after the sports banquet... 
and those guys on the championship soccer team

laughing at this homework paper...

reading Winnie the Pooh

Pooh truths:  timeless

funny French comics that make me laugh

choir drama tour

safety while on choir/drama tour

meeting up with friends who've moved since we were last in the States...
totally unexpectedly

three amigos

facials while on choir/drama tour

teenage girl fun

remembering back to my years as a teenage girl - traveling for swim meets and hanging out in hotels with my friends

beautiful choir songs

celebrating Gampy's 67th birthday with him, for a change


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