24 November 2013

When friends come and hang out on Sunday afternoon and play with treasures reclaimed after dumpster diving ~

Pile of coats and boots/shoots near the door for ready access - 
quite necessary when the thermometer reads 23 ' ...

Friday night, the kids had their fall elementary music program.
The theme was "The Armour of God,"
so the stage set included two castle towers.

Saturday, a couple of my munchkins 
(who apparently are "in" to dumpster diving and finding treasures in the trash)
rescued the castle towers from the church/school dumpster.

Now they have perfect fort material to play with and fight over with their friends.

I bet the inside of the guys' fort didn't look anything like this... but I wasn't taking the photos (thanks, Victoria and Elsie Mae) so I don't really know. I've just been monitoring the noise volume from upstairs.

Wasn't too long before the guys moved into legos and minecraft 
(prompted by Mom, when the downstairs territorial battles 
became too noisy for Dad's Sunday afternoon nap),

and the girls started talking and visiting.

Thankful for friends who can come and play, impromptu and unplanned-like!

And didn't Elsie Mae do an awesome job on this last picture?

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