15 November 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Tree

There are three things that I always think of when I see/hear the word tree:

This picture ~

The day our billy goat treed our littlest one and she was genuinely stuck there until I rescued her (after taking photos) ~

The fact is... the tendency to judge and evaluate others is one that is continually there. I think people who say they don't... well, I'm not so sure they are being honest with themselves. Only most judgments are made incorrectly (Jesus warned about that in John 7) - based on outward, external appearances: clothing... hairstyles... tattoos... extrovertedness... position... number of times someone is/isn't at church... and assumptions are made based on those external appearances:
  • How can that person believe abortion should be legal and still claim to be a Christian?
  • Under no circumstances could that clothing be considered modest!
  • She's just let herself go. She must have no self control!
  • I'd certainly never let my kids behave like that in public. What in the world are they teaching them?
  • etc., etc., etc....
The problem with judging based on those assumptions, though, is just like trying to determine the hardiness of a tree based only on what can be seen above the ground. Sometimes that is accurate. Often times, however, we have no idea just how deep or widely established the roots are. I can remember growing up in Oklahoma and walking through where tornadoes had ravished the day before. Large robust looking trees totally uprooted, exposing the shallowness of their root system. Smaller, more fragile appearing trees still firmly in place... maybe because their outward growth appeared stunted while the roots went deep. I didn't understand that then. I really don't understand it still now.

All I do know is that the Holy Spirit reminds me of trees many times when I feel that urge to pronounce judgment as though I know all based on appearances and assumptions.

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  1. Hey! Wow, good word. God is really working on me lately concerning judging others. I hate to even say that because I never saw myself as one who judges but God is showing me I do. The picture you described about the trees roots growing underneath will be one that sticks, very helpful. Thanks!

    1. seems like God is always working on me and judging... might be prudent to just learn the lesson, eh?

  2. Your poor lil one up in the tree! I don't blame you though- I'd grab the camera too! HA!

    I loved your post... you never know what is going on at the root of a person- too often quick to judge! Thanks for the reminder :)


    1. hey - i visited your blog and saw that you are an okie. so am i... although i married a michigander, hence our current dwelling locale!

      yes... sheepishly, i did grab the camera, but they are some of her fave pics now as well!

    2. I met my Ohioan hubby here in Oklahoma. We decided to stay here since our families were in FL, OH, and CO!! This was neutral territory and we love it (except in tornado season...LOL)

    3. hee hee... i left after i graduated from high school... but as a kid, storm season was my favorite time of the year. our back yard was one of the places the tornado spotters would stand and watch during inclement weather. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, sarah jo... appreciate the visit.

  4. Visiting from FMF. Liked the direction you went about "roots" and, more important, how you got there. The pictures helped start the conversation. Good job.

    1. thanks, Joe. glad you were able to follow along. thanks for popping by and leaving your encouraging words.


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