16 November 2013

CW Ragle ~ March 20, 1923 - November 15, 2013

My grandfather is with Jesus. 

I'm so thankful we took the opportunity to visit him last summer and again last month (when my grandmother had surgery) since we've been back from Niger.

In fact, I'd planned to be driving down today to hopefully see him one more time.

But the Lord came to get him first.

I'm going to miss him... a lot...

After all, how many octogenarians learn how to use Yahoo Messenger and other bits and pieces of the internet just to keep tabs on their off-to-Africa-with-their-great-grandkids granddaughter?

Pop pop was one of our ever-faithful prayer warriors and ministry partners - even though the fact that we were "over there" worried and sometimes scared him. He always encouraged, had such a fun smile, loved people, had the best steal-able pj shirts ever... and that Nana-made quilt from his old carhartts, work clothes and hunting shirts will ever be one of my treasures.

Mom says he was so happy here... He was leaving the hospital, going home... 
and he knew he'd be headed for heaven soon as well.

But this is how I'll best remember him...
smiling and loving on Nana!

If you don't mind praying for Nana, I know she'd appreciate it.
I think this January would have been their 67th anniversary.
I can't even imagine.


  1. Oh, Richelle,
    So sorry for the loss of your beloved grandfather...it sounds like he left a legacy of love and faith...praying God comforts your Nana (what a huge loss), you, and the rest of your family...sending you a hug.


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