12 November 2013

Lessons on how to kill a battery... or? We've finally reached the end and I don't know if I'm happy or sad.

So... this photo would be really cool... if the rear view mirror had been cleaner...
And remember, objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear!
If you turned around, it looked like the sun was chasing us.

You know those moments when you pick up your camera to snap photos for some momentous occasion... and after a single flash or change of setting or zoom of the lens, your low battery light turns red and begins flashing?

What a windshield looks like after driving through many, many bugs...
That's when I know some of the munchkin squad has been using my camera for video... without permission.

And so, just for fun and to wind up the last of our summer travel series, I thought I'd put together this montage of video surprises I've discovered on my camera over the past few months...

^^(warning: silliness contained within...)^^

The Topps... friends and ministry partners we were able to visit
as we swung around the north side of Lake Michigan, heading home.

Is there any better way to close these long and ongoing series of travel photos than with an "on-the-road" sunset photo?


  1. seriously, you're family is great!! I hope someday our times in The Mitten coincide and we can do a meet up!

    1. i do too, liz! that would be a lot of fun!


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