07 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Bacon, Eggs, Buttery Toast and Watermelon {day 7}

...cause it was a fast food night.

(Notice how I'm not mentioning that we'd been to a Baptist church potluck for lunch and none of us were really super hungry anyways?)

After lots of traveling last week (a couple of hours south of St. Louis and back... then to a meeting with a partner church and back on Sunday) and the beginning of a week of revival meetings at our home church this week, we were pretty wiped out Sunday night. When Tim volunteered to make bacon and eggs as well as slice up the huge watermelon left for us, I took him up on it. That was pretty much a no brainer.

While Tim was cooking, the girls had to clear their pet tanks off the table (left there to make it easier for Grandpa Gene to come in and feed the critters while we were gone). There were two betta fish (still doing well) and one preying mantis (recently deceased - but it is that time of the year... if you were a mantis).

Anna took her mantis out and buried him... marking the tiny garden grave with a leaf. Thankfully, she wasn't as devastated by his demise as some of the other unfortunates we've had in the past. And her betta inherited the larger mantis aquarium... now Nadia is lobbying heavily to buy herself a betta as well!

While this drama was taking place, our favorite short-order cook was busily taking requests and cooking as requested. Each one was called as his/her order was ready - and tried to find a place along the edge of the table while our mini zoo was being returned to its proper location. Sadly, the watermelon was on the old side and most of the moisture was already gone. We ate some... but it was disappointing when it looked so yummy from the outside.

Dinner was a hurried affair last night... so that we could get back to homework, showers, and sending tired ones off to bed in preparation for a very, very, very busy week!


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