26 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Except it was chez Culver's, as in the restaurant {day 26}

One of those really kind things people do for traveling missionaries is gift them with gas or restaurant gift cards. A few weeks ago, we had a church as well as some folks in the church do just that.

Then I was abandoned by Tim and the big girls on a Friday night.

So Anna and I decided to take the littles to Culver's, use up that gift card, and just have a little bit of fun.

Funny thing is? When I only took five kids out to a restaurant, we felt so small. People didn't treat us that way, though.

Apparently this Friday night was a BIG night for folks from the kids' school, because we ran into several people that we knew. My little extroverts thought that was super cool... to run into their friends from school out and about in town.

The littles ordered the chicken tenders. Anna had a chicken sandwich. And I had a swiss mushroom burger type thing. The french fries were yummy and chocolate milk to drink is always a treat for the munchkin crew. Mostly.

It was fun to sit and listen to the kids talk:
  • Elsie convinced me and the mama of her friend sitting in the booth behind us that we needed to arrange a play date for the two little girls.
  • Jonathan chattered away with his two buddies about the best kind of ice cream.
  • Tori's eyes were, once again, bigger than her tummy. She philosophized about that and then she brought home leftovers.
  • Anna lost one of her shoes, which she promptly kicked off as soon as we sat down in the booth. She did finally find it again, wrapped up in Jonathan's coat which had slipped to the floor underneath our booth.
  • All six of us easily slid into a single booth - because it was much warmer... actually much, much warmer that way. Our crowding was very intentional.
  • The littles were super excited that a free scoop of ice cream came with their meal. They discussed how they were going to dress up their scoop. Mary Michelle informed me that I was not a nice Mama because I insisted she just have plain vanilla. Jonathan, however, was the only one to finish his.
  • Mary Michelle's ice cream leftovers found their way into Anna's cup full of root beer.
  • It is a confirmed fact - Anna is the practical joker in this family. Elsie Mae dropped her spoon on the floor. While getting a spoon, Anna took her ice cream and hid it from her.
  • Of course, the next time Elsie Mae dropped her spoon, I did the same thing - and blamed Anna. That might be called provoking a disagreement between progeny.
  • It is another confirmed fact - Elsie Mae has now taken over the title (one which Nadia carried for many, many years) of the clumsy one at the dinner table.
  • Tori and Anna discussed events with their classmates, and the fact that their school schedule is so full, they rarely get time to socialize with their friends. I don't get that... because there was an awful lot of talk about what their friends were saying and doing.
When we got home, we noticed that the trash barrels were still laying out by the side of the road. So Anna bundled up and headed out the door to drag them back to the garage. She put on my hiking books.

And she was taller than me.

THAT is gonna take some getting used to... serious getting used to, in fact!


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