30 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... ... Repurposed food {day 30}

Wednesdays are typically wordless around here.
And since it has been a long day... 
so even as a female with words as my love language and often my therapy, 
I think I've used up my share of words.

Tim and I just arrived back at the house after teaching AWANA groups on the northwest side of Grand Rapids.

Fun... always lots of fun...
Talking to children about Niger.
The kids at Ravenna Baptist were wonderful...

Apparently our crew, who we left at home, were too.
For tomorrow, I've got pictures from dinner with the Wrightlings 
Grandpa Gene and Grandma Susan and the newer cousins!

But that doesn't help me with today's post because
I still haven't posted anything about last night's dinner.

It was repurposed food.
Sounds a little scary, but it wasn't.
A little of this & a little of that with a few changes here and there
makes something exciting and all brand new!

You see - there was still cabbage in the fridge from the night we had cabbage fritters.
And remember?
That lovely, lightly sweet onion gravy from the night we had toad in the hole?
Some of that was still hanging around in the back corner of the bottom shelf.
I didn't want it to start growing.

So I fried up some new fritters (with a different seasoning), more flour for a much crispier final, heated up the gravy, pulled out catsup (for those who eat it on EVERYTHING), 
some leftover salad...

and voilà!

A thumbs up dinner where even the littles wolfed down their cabbage
asked for more!

There was only one problem

It left a big mess in the kitchen and I didn't get to clean-up until all homework was done at 11:00 pm... 

Thank you math... sigh...

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