05 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... when the Taco Bell cooks decide everyone wants their food soaked "Fire Sauce" {day 5}

Last night found us driving around the northeast edge of Indianapolis about dinner time... 

...although "driving" is a bit of a misnomer. Crawling in much later than normal rush hour traffic due to a couple of accidents and lots of road construction is what I heard them say on the radio. The kids were getting bored and hungry and started begging for a break from the car. Tim had decided he was looking or Taco Bell or Long John Silver's. Whichever he saw first would be where we crawled off the interstate to hopefully eat, while the rest of traffic cleared.

Spotting a Taco Bell sign, Tim worked his way over to the farthest right lane and the exit ramp to happy cheers from the back seats crew, and a few minutes, we were standing in line, waiting to order - well, part of us were. Some were also in bathroom and others were "reserving" seats since the restaurant was pretty crowded... apparently about 2/3rds of the other vehicles crawling along the interstate had the same idea we did.

The young gal at the register must have been new - because boy, did she mess up our order... and then Tim was totally distracted when she read it back to him - he'd just realized he'd forgotten his wallet in the van and it was time to pay... and we ended up with smothered burritos we didn't order, extra tacos and more Mexican pizzas than our family could ever eat.

My crew generally likes spicy food... and several add the fire sauce just because they can. I don't think ANYONE was adding sauces last night. In fact, they were wiping it off. We had the spiciest Taco Bell food we'd ever had - and almost everyone enjoyed it. 

Even M&M as she fans her open mouth after swallowing a bite from her Mexican pizza... and Elsie Mae asking for extra sour creme to help with the "picy."

We enjoyed listening to M&M repeatedly say "squirrel" - turning it into four syllables. You can just imagine what she did with Mexican pizza. And Jonathan is becoming quite deft at handling four or five sisters all at the same time.

Any guesses who didn't still just go ahead and eat? Remember my picky eater?

We did, via scientific experimentation, confirm the fact that lemonade and genuine citrus drinks are better at cooling fiery tongues than sodas... just in case you were wondering.

Of course, that led to the only real resulting problem. Lots of heat meant lots of drink... 

Lots of drink isn't such a great thing when you are traveling, especially when you already have to hit about every other exit...

Needless to say, we stopped a few more times on the way home...

And now that we are there... looking forward to truly having dinner chez les Wrightlings! 

... for a few days, at least - until we hit the road again.


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