20 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Black bean and butternut squash burritos {day 20}

I even had the stuff to make homemade nachos, tortillas and salsa to go with the burritos (another new-to-me recipe) - but the junior varsity volleyball tournament ended up occupying a larger chunk of Saturday than I was expecting.

So... plans modified and since those are usually things I have on hand as I'm much more of a salty snacker than a sweet snacker (unless Nadia makes the most amazing butterscotch pumpkin bread like she made last night) ...I went the quicker-easier-less-than-from-scratch route.

One of the three loaves of bread Nadia and Anna made.

Elsie Mae, M&M and their daddy (see the lump) "watching" Saturday morning cartoons before heading over to cheer on the girls in their volleyball games.

Waiting to start...
Nadia's team took the runner up trophy... Nadia was excited because she even scored a few points and had some real playing time.

This is one of those meals that comes together quite easily if you plan ahead. Tortilla dough rolls/presses more easily if it has had some time to rest. Beans need to soak. Rice fries better when it is cooked ahead of time and then kept nice and cold in the fridge. Squash takes time to prepare, but is super easy to roast and then mash with your hands. And some of that I did get done on Friday.

Once I started throwing the actual burrito filling together, Anna and I had dinner on the table 20 minutes later.

veggie scraps - onion, garlic, pepper, jalapeno

Anna had time to hula hoop after she set the table for me.

A thumbs up verdict... Jonathan declared that to be the case EVEN if it did have squash in it - it didn't have Dijon mustard, he couldn't taste it, the color was awesome for Fall, and even if he could taste it - he could cover it up with sour cream. I think all of his reasoning was self defense against Anna's relentless attack. Tim wasn't eating with us because he was out stalking defenseless woodlands critters yet once again - Anna was so busy terrorizing Jonathan with the thought of eating another squirrel that I think squash sounded pretty palatable instead. 

Tim called in the midst of dinner to say he was on his way home with a buck... not of the hooved variety, but the bushy tailed variety. I think Jonathan was about to cry. Maybe we need to stick to Jonathan-friendly foods for a few days.

I do have to agree with my Jon-man: the colors of this meal are "fantabulous" when it comes to this season of the year! And these burritos are super filling! One is sufficient. The filling would also be nice in a layered nacho chip dip - just my personal opinion.

Elsie Mae said she should get the trophy for the sour cream monster.

No complaints for time spent in the kitchen the past few days. Look at the view out my window!

Now... I've only got 12 more pumpkins, 2 butternut, 1 acorn, 2 I don't know what squash still sitting on the back porch... (but I'm gonna have to move them to the basement soon, before they freeze) left to roast.

Better head back to the kitchen to make chocolate pumpkin butter (think it sounds pretty wonderful on the rest of Nadia's pumpkin bread for breakfast in the morning) and clean up the kitchen mess!

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