10 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... We've got Brendan! {day 10}

I knew all along I'd have to be doing this post when I started this 31 days "project."

I put project in quotes because that implies a lot of forethought and planning and... and my original topic would have been a project. This is much more of a glimpse into our house (or car... as the case may be) each day for life such as it is chez les Wrightlings. And sometimes that means very little forethought and planning and a whole lot of pure surviving and trying to have fun while doing so.

But, back to my original thought, I knew we'd be taking this trip and leaving the kiddos with their grandparents and I wouldn't be there to have dinner with them..., but I would be munching on something my big boy (and he is, bigger I mean, than when he left for college 2 months ago) and be so happy to be doing just that.

Bren and some of his new friends at school.
It was a long trip. Tim and I left at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night (after the church program and ice cream social) to drive to near Harrisburg, PA. We took turns - one driving while the other rested - stopped to sleep for a couple of hours at a rest area in Pennsylvania when we realized we were a couple of hours early - enjoyed the time to talk, but also the time to be just the two of us even when we only listened to music and weren't talking. We arrived on campus about an hour before Brendan was off work. We killed time by walking to the campus store where Tim bought a hat. I also caught up with one of the women I'd met while I was down for the international student orientation.

Then we caught up with Bren.

He hadn't packed yet, so we had to wait while he did that... got to meet a few of his friends. And visited with his roommate. 

And then we were back on the road. 

Construction was kinda crazy, but we made good time.

We stopped to eat once we were back in Michigan. Arby's was the restaurant of choice.


It was fun to listen to Brendan and his dad talk... and then to listen to the fluting we've not heard for 2 months.

What it really looked like when I didn't use the flash.
Grandpa Gene and Grandma Susan took care of the rest of the gang for us: a big slumber party at their apartment the first night, then getting them settled at home to wait for us - with another dear family friend a the house to help Rebekah - until we got home.

We pulled in the driveway a few minutes before Wednesday-to-Thursday midnight... 26 hours after we'd left. 

We were tired.

I pulled myself out of bed to walk the kids to school the next morning - and Grandma Susan filled me in on dinner for the remainder of the Wrightlings:

McNuggets and fries from McDs.

When she reached the drive thru window to pay, she was told not to worry about it. The car in front had taken care of it...

...Wishing her good karma...

Thankful today for myboybeinghere, safety while traveling, my bed with cozy blankets and pillows, and for random acts of karma(?) kindness.


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