17 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Amidst much moaning and groaning {day 17}

We finished up the rest of the leftovers in the fridge!

And it actually ended up being OKAY...

Because the kids were skyping with friends (ones they miss a lot) from afar.

Full, happy hearts trump grumpy tummies just about any day
especially if you get to enjoy a British accent in the process ~

Well? Maybe not, if you are a guy.
Stomachs are high priority.

On a totally different topic, you wouldn't believe the conversation that Mary Michelle and Ada had over legos and lunch this afternoon! They were busy talking about and explaining to each other different attributes of God - pretty amazingly funny to listen to two 4.5 year olds trying to one up each other... and then the conversation dove really deep.

Ada:  Well, God is omnipresent.
Mary Michelle: I know.
Ada: That means He's right now. He's so big He fills the WHOLE world and He's so little He can fit inside my heart.
Mary Michelle: I know. He's also omniscient.
Ada: No. He's not. He knows everything, though.
Mary Michelle: Do you think dogs believe in Jesus and get saved?
Ada: I don't know.
Mary Michelle: Why not? 
Ada: I don't know.
Mary Michelle: I don't think dogs sin...
Ada: So they don't have to get saved.
Mary Michelle: Nope.
Ada: Are you sure? My mom yells at Cooper a lot, especially when he runs away.
Mary Michelle: Does he come back?
Ada: Yes. Then we call him "Good dog!"
Mary Michelle: That's it then. Dogs don't sin. They just misbehave and its different.
Ada: So I guess dogs don't need Jesus the same way persons do.
Mary Michelle: Will there be dogs in heaven?...

Betcha never knew 4.5 year olds could get so deep and theological while playing with legos, did you?

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