31 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... When Grandpa Gene and Grandma Susan come and kidsit {day 31}

We traveled back to the Grand Rapids to teach missionary lessons to a couple of AWANA groups at one of our supporting churches.

School nights make it hard to cart the kids 2.5 hours away and back... all after school.
So we recruited Grandma and Grandpa to stay with the gang, see that they ate, didn't assassinate each other or destroy the house, made it over to their AWANA/youth group and back and that hopefully the littles would get to bed.

An extra treat?
New cousins Angelina and Peyton came to visit, too!
(And we can't forget one of Rebekah's classmates who needed a place to hang out in between school and church... She was there as well.)

I asked the girls if they were a good help when we got home.
They said they had fun.
And Nadia said she showed Grandma Susan where the food was.

Oh the things kids do... like NOT help when they could.

Oh well... We obviously needed Grandma there or at least the eating would not have happened.

Looked like they ate pretty doggone good stuff, too!
Nadia begged the leftovers so the kids could take it for lunch.

Since rain continues to trickle from the sky...

These kiddos are hoping for a sugar high from the Halloween candy we aren't handing out!
What a way to end 31 days of dinner chez les Wrightlings!

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  1. Adorable photos!

    It would be good to remind the kids that placing a laptop computer directly on the bed (or carpet, or any other soft surface) is a good way to overheat it. The computer can't cool properly.

    1. she does know better... she just doesn't always listen. neither does her daddy...


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