15 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Dredging the refrigerator for leftovers {day 15}


It was a busy weekend.

After a week of revival meetings at church, a flying trip to Pennsylvania, and then a delightful Sunday of meetings with one of our largest ministry partners, we didn't make it all the way home. When neither Tim nor I could continue to make our eyes reliably focus on the road, we figured driving two cars back from Lansing really wasn't good idea, so we crashed at Gammie and Gampy's, got up the next morning and headed on back to Midland.

And yes... I really was so tired and my feet so sore from having worn heels all day the day before... I really did travel with my feet shod in this manner... and I didn't even care when I had to get out of the car, either, what people might think. I must be getting older, eh? 

Tim just laughed. And took the photo! Stylin' right? My toes did stay nice and toasty on a rather cool October Michigan morning.

It was a gorgeous drive! (Thanks to Rebekah for snapping a few photos... she really liked the mysterious misty-ness in some places... can you tell?)

The kids were late for school. That was a good thing - since they didn't have some of their homework done.

And then when they crashed through the door flinging shoes and backpacks and lunch boxes every which way that afternoon, they were swamped with homework. Or maybe drowning in it. After a week of almost nothing outside of school hours, teachers felt compelled to catch up. All at once. I might have looked like a ping pong ball doing math homework with big girls, quizzing questions with someone else, forgetting to get needed uniforms washed, dealing with some ministry stuff that had to be done and reading with the munchkin crew. That didn't include showers and dinner. My opinions on a system that allows such school craziness? That's all for a blog post on another day, when I'm in a better frame of mind on that front.

Speaking of different fronts, Tim's invested significantly, hoping to shoot Bambi and stock our freezer with meat for the winter, so he wanted to get out to the woods   -never mind that Monday is his kitchen night. 

Good thing there were leftovers in the fridge: borscht, salad, and chicken teriyaki given to us - leftovers from one of the meals for the revival team the week before.


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