23 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Comfort food, otherwise known as ~ potato soup... {day 23}

...with some fridge leftovers after raking leaves and a trip to the library with Daddy!

It was a busy day. We'd been gone most of Monday and things were a bit frantic at the house when we got home. Tuesday, I wanted to make it to Ladies' Bible study (I'd missed last week... drowning in laundry). Then I picked up the little girls from their class and spent all afternoon playing and chasing them around... and trying to do a bit of laundry. I had IEP meetings for speech and language help for Jonathan and Elsie Mae after school and then it was home to fix dinner.

I found some potatoes in the basement storage room... 

I was shocked!

They were potatoes we'd bought for Brendan's grad open house back in August and they were still good. My potatoes in Niger NEVER lasted that long, even if they were in the fridge! So potato soup along with the few remaining leftovers in the fridge it was.

Why didn't I know that potatoes could last that long in cool, dry storage?

The kids raked while I peeled.

Then, while the soup was cooking, Tim took the kids to the library for about 45 minutes. Several of the elementary crew are a part of the Book-It program, so they are devouring books as often as we'll take them to the library for more.

The table was set when I heard the truck pull back in to the driveway... and we sat down to eat.

On a cold, blustery Michigan fall day... nothing beats potato soup. 

Seriously, nothing.

(PS The raking photos weren't from today... One of my silly girls had run down the camera battery taking blackmail videos of her brother while I was at those IEP meetings. 

I promise they were bundled up with hats, coats and shoes when they raked with their daddy on this day.)

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  1. Ha! ha! I got a good laugh out of shoveling leaves with snow shovels! And potato soup is one of my favorite soups.

    1. i think their daddy taught them that trick... easier to wheelbarrow those leaves than to rake them all that way. i'm finishing up the last bit of the leftover soup for lunch today... so nice, as i think i've got strep... feels better than most things on my throat. :-)


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