28 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... KFC {day 28}


Sunday was a l000000000000000ng day ~
a good day, but a long one.

On the road by 6:45, off to visit another one of our partnering churches.
Sunday School - Tim and I with the adult class;
Rebekah, Nadia and Anna with the teens and middle schoolers...

...sharing about Niger.
There is a young man, an exchange student from Ghana, attending that church this year.
The girls really enjoyed meeting someone from nearly back home.

Then sharing, testimonies, preaching for Tim in the morning service.

Before, during and after - lots of mingling, visiting with those in the church - listening and answering questions.

Next came a pizza meal with several from the church,
followed by a small meeting with members from their missions committee.

Then it was back in the car and off to Gammie and Gampy's... not to play, though.

Gampy's been sick... all week; 
Gammie has been in SE Missiour/S Illinois helping with Nana and Poppop.

We decided to pop down and help get the house picked up and cleaned.
So we spent all afternoon.

We asked Gampy if he needed anything from the grocery store.
He wanted tuna (and mayo to mix with it), and a treat for his grandkids who'd helped quite a bit around the house - especially the big girls.
(Jonathan kinda hung out with Gampy, watching his new favorite thing - 
His mama is tickled pink!)

Tim ran to the store... and KFC for dinner.
We enjoyed eating with Gampy and cousin Christina,
cleaned up our dinner mess 
(or we would have defeated our stated purpose for stopping by Lansing in the first place),
and hit the road back for Midland.

It was about 9:30 when we got in.
It was a long day.

Favorite quote... or misquote?

"I've got a riddle of life flowing out of me.
Makes the lame to walk and the blind to see..."
(Just who do you think was singing that?)

Actually --- pretty profound if you think about it a bit... kinda... sorta!

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