29 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Goulash {day 29}

Goulash is another quick and easy meal, especially if you've got already shredded cheese and leftover spaghetti sauce from lasagna (which was even more delicious as leftovers, in case you were wondering)!

I was hoping to get to the Women for Missions meeting at our church on Monday night, so I fixed the food and ran... almost literally... to make it on time. I handed the camera over to Anna, asking her to document the even for me in my absence.

So... no commentary today... just Anna's photos... which always make me smile.

So, I know I said no commentary, but why in the world are there three pictures of empty plates and none of Jonathan? The only thing I can figure is that Anna and Jonathan must have been fussing at each other about something. The other message I'm sensing from all those empty plate photos? I think they want to emphasize the fact that goulash is a favorite meal of EVERYONE.

How would you interpret Jonathan's absence?
Or? The fact that Anna took pictures of several empty plates?

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