22 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Chili, conversation, baby oranges and "really cute little girls" ~ according to Jonathan {day 22}

Nothing like a cold fall morning in Michigan for a drive north... especially when friends, chili and conversation are waiting at the end of the trip!

We've been so privileged to have several different missionaries a bit farther down this missions road mentor us at different stages in this journey. With the exception of one other couple, however, the Vermilyeas have been one of our go-to couples (for advice, help and sometimes just plain debriefing) the longest. 

They were the family that helped us when we first moved to Quebec for our language study... helping with doctor appointments, getting kids in school, finding housing, connecting with language partners, welcoming us to a church home, walking us through culture shock and giving us a family when ours seemed really far away.

We weren't able to connect with them at all our last furlough, so it has been a real treat to have caught up with them twice already this year. They are usually up in Quebec City - a place we love to visit whenever we have the opportunity, but not typically a place we just happen to be passing through en route to someplace else. But we didn't have to go that far this lovely October day. They just happened to be a few hours north, watching their grandkids for a few days.

So we pulled Jonathan, Elsie Mae and Mary Michelle out of school, loaded up our big green van, plugged an address into the GPS and headed north. While the big folks were visiting, our kiddos had a blast playing with their two little grand daughters... and we're learning pretty quickly that Jonathan has a clear preference for blue-eyed blondies that AREN'T his sisters!

The kids had fun... there was even a "puppy" to entertain and lots of toys, enjoyed eating chili, crackers and cheese nips, and cute little baby oranges (except the Jon-man... he'd only suck the juice out of that yummy deliciousness)!

The afternoon passed altogether too quickly (at least from our perspective) and we were soon back on the road, headed for home... wondering if the big girls had started to work on their homework or if they were playing computer games.

Just curious... what do you think they were doing when we finally walked through the door? 

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