12 October 2013

31 days... of dinner chez les Wrightlings... Borscht {day 12}

Thursday morning... or it might have been early afternoon... I do remember I'd just climbed out of the shower and was running around in my robe... when the phone rang.

It was a friend who regularly gets her fresh produce through a CSA... They are in the midst of moving and she knew she wouldn't be able to use her box of veggies so she called to see if we could... 


Was kind enough to deliver them! I'd barely hung my robe back up in the bathroom after getting dressed when she pulled in the driveway!

Loaded in that box were potatoes, a huge onion, kale, parsley, carrots, red cabbage, a few tomatoes, a few squash... and some beets. Now beets are not something I'd ever go to the store and buy. There are some pickled beets that were in the pantry of the missionary house when we arrived back in July. They are STILL there... However, when someone gifts us with food, we do try and use it. Our last home assignment, Tim's aunt gave us beetroot on a few different occasions - and Tim's cousin was working as a missionary in the Ukraine - so back then we decided to try a new to us dish called borscht. And just like the little kid on the old TV commercial, once we tried it, we found that we liked it.

That bag of beets in the CSA box meant we were about to be eating borscht again.

Sometimes, I look at the food we eat and wonder who in the world first had the idea to try it, why...  and then am thankful that that brave someone somewhere out there many years ago did. However... if it had been left up to me, we wouldn't know that beets are yummy because I would have never considered eating them. According to an unnamed female Wrightling, Jonathan is ready to put a price on the head of said discoverer. Beets DO NOT impress him.

(They don't impress a dear friend of mine either... who had an invite to dinner chez les Wrightlings but turned it down after hearing "beet" as part of the dinner description!)

Beets are what give the soup its bright red appearance. 

Poor Mary Michelle! Knowing my propensity to injure myself when trying to work quickly with a knife, she kept panicking and wanting me to look for a bandaid...

Can you blame her?

This borscht contains beetroot, onions, potatoes, green pepper, garlic, chicken stock (from the chicken we boiled yesterday), and a little bit of leftover tomato puree and a tiny bit of red rice that remained from our meal the other night. I did cook it initially on the stove top, but switched it to the crock pot so I could use my stock pot for a couple of other things.

And knowing my kiddos like I do, I figured I'd have a few protesting at the main entree on the menu. So I went ahead and made a quick double batch of buttermilk biscuits. It has taken quite a few years, but I've finally gotten to the point where I feel like I can do a decent job with biscuits... although I did put just a little bit too much baking soda in this batch. Oops!

What did the gang think?

Note the "thumbs up?!!"

With the exception of Jonathan (and Rebekah who was eating with her volleyball team), we all cleaned up their bowls, including Daddy and Mama. M&M gave it a thumbs up and an initially reluctant Elsie Mae emptied her bowl into her tummy and grinned awfully big for this photo.


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