14 August 2010

~ in anticipation of our return to the desert, we spent our last weekend in Michigan climbing sand dunes ~

*** W * A * R * N * I * N * G ***

This post contains a ton of photos!

The obligatory Mountain Dew shot... learned about that one when I married Tim.

The big dune

a grillin' Gampy

Mz. K and her guy

Um... Andi, whatcha tryin' to say here?

Rebekah and her guy

then Tori takes a try

supermean Jon-man... and if you believe that...

not just cousins... they're super cute bffs!

a young lady with her little sis

The kids enjoyed a swim in Lake Michigan... after they hiked nearly 2 miles through some pretty amazing sand dunes to get there... here are some photos of the reward for that hike... made by nearly everyone... including some pretty little legs!

Jon prefered the sand to the water... it was cold!

Uncle Rich and Christina

a little fish (guess who?) in a really BIG pond!

Aunt Julie playing with her camera

Can you believe Gampy hauled that thing (I mean his camera) all the way there and back... pretty buff for a grandpa!

the last dune, looking up from the lake... seeing the lake from the top of this one was a very welcome sight because there were no more dunes between you and the lake... just a downhill stretch of sand.

trying to get warm by burying themselves in the sand

that same last dune mentioned a few photos ago... the view from the top

views from the hike back to the picnic place

that crazy little guy ran the whole way there and back, literally... plus some extra dunes in between, just for fun

finally cresting the last dune on the hike back... it was about a 70 minute hike one way... all that is left here is descending to the parking lot... near the level of that lake there in the background

*** F * U * N ***

but exhausted!

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