02 August 2010

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts: Back to the Backside of the Desert

#290 safe travels on a VERY LOOOOOOONG trip (Lansing - Indianapolis - New York - Casablanca - Niamey - our house in Kouara Kano

#291 all 26 pieces of luggage, 16 carry-ons, two strollers, 8 children and 2 parents arrived, seemingly intact. The one duffle bag that tore held it together until it was pulled off the conveyor belt

#292 a lovely place to call home for the next year - with the sheets already on the beds for when we arrived at 3:30 a.m.

#293 the wave of homesickness that passed as we drove past our old home here in Niamey... so many good memories of our time there

#294 meeting up with wonderful friends-more-like-family at the airport in New York - meaning we got to start all those happy hellos on the US side of the ocean

#295 internet - I've already chatted with a few... (and if you see me on-line, don't hesitate to open up a chat box)

#296 for the first time ever having an open space next to me on a plane ride - Mary Michelle and I actually laid down, snuggled and slept on the flight from Casablanca to Niamey

#297 lots of friendly faces, hugs and handshakes when we landed - one of Victoria's friends she's been waiting to see was there at the airport, too

#298 making the immigration official in Morocco laugh when he questioned me about being Americans with so many kids... I told him we carried American passports but must be Moroccan in spirit... he stamped our passports and hurried us through the next check point...

#299 saying hello to many

#300 getting here in time to say hello and goodbye to one friend: she's heading to Tunisia to work for the next several years

#301 a last carmel mocca frappe in the airport in Indy

#302 a first cold bottled Coca Cola here in Niamey

#303 fans

#304 cold showers

#305 listening to the kids as they search for all their favorite street dogs... and as they begin to come up with new names for the new dogs they see

#306 lizard hatches and littlers chasing baby lizards

#307 Jonathan's first play date - already - with one of his friends he has been begging to see

#308 thunder, lightening and lots of rain our first full night

#309 being able to let our parents know we'd arrived safely, and that we already miss them so very, very much

holy experience


  1. yay yay yay! so happy you are safe and the fun has started! we miss you all.

  2. You are so very brave to be traveling with so many kids! I don't like to go out much here at home with the 4 I've got!


  3. God bless you in your ministry and travels! I join in praise for the many blessings.

  4. thanks ladies!

    we miss you too, barb... so very much. :(


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