20 July 2013

Survivor Scotland ~ Otherwise known as "The Night of the Midges"...according to Rebekah

"Highland midges are notorious UK summer pests. 
They're found not only in Scotland 
but also in areas of boggy and acidic soil in mainland Europe, Russia and China. 
In Scotland, they are also known as the Highland biting midge, and for good reason, 
as this species is responsible for 90% of the midge bites to humans. 
It is the large, cloud-forming numbers 
that help to make this tiny fly such a great nuisance. 
In prime breeding grounds it has been estimated that larvae 
can reach an incredible density of 
24 million per hectare."

I think we found said density...

...not far from the Falls of Shinn.

Be sure and watch for glimpses of the swarming critters (Look outside the vans... through the windows - sometimes you can see them flying; other times, it is the shimmering... 
It looked like a snow blizzard looking out from inside the van.) 
in this video Rebekah took with her little camera.
Enjoy her commentary and the silly antics of the Wrightling tribe as well!

By the way, this version is lightly edited to remove all references to "flatulation," 
Mama & Daddy getting grumpy while being eaten alive
(we're only into complimentary authenticity), 
super-wiggly-vertigo-inducing video, 
overly embarrassing seconds...
as well as plain redundancy...
We also tried to maintain a reasonable length.

You can thank us for that later ~ except
some of you may not consider the result a reasonable length!

In that case, you can find video of the swarming midges at about
30 seconds
into the video.


  1. Richelle,
    Thanks for letting me know you got home safely to Michigan. The flying midge sound a little bit scary...you are blessed with your children and they with you and your hubby :)

    1. scary... irritating... frustrating... and now the impetus behind a great family memory. crazy how it often works like that. :-)

      have a wonderful monday!


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