02 July 2013

Traveling about Scotland ~ Burroughston Broch

After we left the beach, we went to visit one of Shapinsay's archaeological sites...

 According to Wikipedia, Burroughston Broch... 
"is an Iron Age archaeological site on the island of Shapinsay within the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The site overlooks the North Sea on the northeast part of Shapinsay. Slightly to the south lies Linton Bay. Excavated in the mid 19th century, Burroughston Broch has its earth cladding intact, allowing visitors to peer down into the broch from above. The drystone walls are up to four metres thick in some parts and there is a complete chamber intact off the entrance passage. Some remains of stone furniture are evident in the interior."
First, the drive to the location... As Shapinsay is a smaller sort of island, 
it only took a few minutes.

Our first view

Elsie Mae is always ready to pose for the camera!

Walking into the broch

The view back up the path, looking out of the broch

the bedroom door
(And yes... we found out after the fact that the kids 
shouldn't have been crawling around in there,)

inside the bedroom

looking down into the broch

what was left of the stairway

the stone construction fascinated me... and the patterns were always beautiful

a spiderweb... just wanted to see if I could actually photograph it


Tim kept the kids back while I crept as close to this pair of birds as I could ~
to try and snap a photo.

They were pretty cautious, those birds!

walking back up this trail, from the broch and back to our vans

See that second farm? The one farther away in the photo?
Our camper vans were parked just to the right of the house.
It was NO problem to wake up to the view the view the mornings we were there!

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