17 July 2013

When hello just might also be goodbye

As I type, I sit in the front passenger seat of a 12 passenger van crammed just about as full as is physically possible. We’re cruising along an amazingly wide, smooth highway – I70 west, just a bit east of Effingham, Illinois. It is a trek I’ve made frequently over the past 45 years, not as frequently as I might have wished ~ but often enough that no matter how much time transpires between this time and the next, it always feels a well-known, well-worn, comfortable path… a home-coming of sorts. In a few minutes, we’ll exit I70 for I57 south and that coming home feeling will escalate until the tummy butterflies almost overwhelm… just like when I was 8 years old and on my way to Nana and Pop-pop’s.

Two days ago, we sat in the waiting room of Glasgow International Airport, very ready to board our plane and head home to the land of cousins, grandparents and McDonalds. Yesterday, we finalized the beginning stages of our cross country trip from Michigan to California for my niece’s wedding, looking forward to stopping by and visiting old friends as well as meeting some new friends along the way.

But then the phone rang.

As you can see, no typical Wordless Wednesday today - because I'm posting elsewhere!

If you want to read the rest, head on over to a life overseas: the missions conversation, and add your voice to the oft fascinating dialogue known to take place there!

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