16 July 2013

Standing stones and ancient remnants... not to mention one of the oldest known European settlements...

The Standing Stones o' Stenness

(To read more about this ancient site, click here.)

It was a super windy, chilly day - so those Wrightling faces not present in the photos are the ones who chose to remain sheltered in the vans instead of wandering around in the wind and rain!

Ring of Brodgar

(To read more about this ancient site, click here.)

When lightening strikes a standing stone...

Which Wrightling photo-bombs this one???

Getting lost on the way to Skara Brae...

Skara Brae

(To read more about this ancient settlement, click here.)

It was at Skara Brae that I finally learned why they build their stone fences in the above manner... the vertical "bookshelf" of stones provides additional weight so that the strong winds can't life the flat-parallel-to-the-ground (and not cemented together) stones... at least that's why according to one of the guides at Skara Brae.

We saw/went/did all of this... and still lined up to catch our ferry with about 30 seconds to spare!

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  1. Looks very cold and very fun!! Glad you had this time together!


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