07 July 2013

Antelope Island and Buffalo Burgers? or Buffalo Burgers!

We went to Antelope Island to "experience" the Great Salt Lake.

We learned that bison roam on the island. How many do you see in this photo?

We also discovered that brine shrimp and brine flies are the only "aquatick-y" creatures that thrive in the high saline water.

Birds, however, love all that easy access food!
No one really wanted to swim - but everyone was game for a wade, even Tim...
until he stepped in and remembered he had a cut on his foot.
He was back out - pretty quickly!


my biggers helping with the littlers

Once we discovered the island offered buffalo burgers - we just had to try them (although I had eaten them before).

Most were dubious... but as you can tell from the empty containers, they were devoured - even most of the onions!

Opinions regarding the Great Salt Lake (mainly due to the briny smell), however, were a little less than unanimous!

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