18 July 2013

Castle Questing ~

As we rode the ferry back from Orkney to the Scottish mainland, Tim and I had a "discussion" about where and what next. 

Unwilling to compromise, I insisted... He had to let us actually stop, see, explore and tour a castle. 

I mean, who goes to Scotland and doesn't go to one of the umpteen many castles perched all over the place? Apparently, my hubby was considering that regrettable alternative for the Wrightlings.

I decided to be agreeably disagreeable.

Just in case you worry... we discussed in a friendly manner and then it became joke. By the time we drove our vehicles off the ferry and started driving, it was apparent that we'd not be able to do the castle thing that particular day... Tim even found me one, but it was already closed.

Brendan attempted to scale and breach the wall ~ but we decided to settle for pictures instead.

So, Tim pulled off the road at every castle-like-building (hereafter referred to as CLBs), directing me to hop out of the car to capture the CLB digitally,

which I dutifully did - sneaking in a few wildflowers as well. Shhhhh.... don't let Tim know!


Jonathan (and one of his sisters - can you tell which one?) weren't quite as impressed with the almost CLB viewings as some of the rest of us were.

This one looked like it would have been really cool to view up close, but alas, I'd not have that opportunity.

Not a CLB, but a cool miscellaneous monument (otherwise known as a CMM)!

And a cute birdie thrown in for good measure!

By this time, sunset was approaching and we still hadn't found a place to set up our tents... and that is where part 2 of this adventure begins...

But that will have to be for another blog post!

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