26 July 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Broken

We toured what remained of the ancient castle,

abandoned centuries ago and not just left to its fate, but
destroyed by the very hands that once maintained it.

 Explosively "flattening" the gatehouse by the inhabitants as they left meant that the fortress would be unusable to any "re-possessors" of the building.

What was once strong, defensible, empowering, intimidating and sheltering
became broken.

And I've been thinking about broken since.

We wandered about the remnants of ancient civilizations with incomprehensible to me religions and standing stones are all that remain...

...and even many of those are crumbling, cracking, splitting, tumbling 
and would disappear were there not those stepping in, protecting.

I see remnants of my own faith forsaken.

Ancient churches deserted and discarded,
what once used to be a place of faith, a sentinel reminding that
 Christ alone gives men a hope and a future ~

~now perhaps nothing more than a souvenir of what once was and what often happens
when and where men choose their own way, work out their own faith, 
without God's grace.

In all of that, I can easily see me:
struggling with doubts,
tired of not knowing the next step,
wondering what guarantees me that my answers are THE answers.

And whether I look it or act it or say it or not,
I wonder if I'm breaking or broken...

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Five Minute Friday


  1. I wonder if I'm breaking or broken...wow. I wish I didn't understand what that feels like. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to taking a look around!

    ~Cindy Tunstall

    1. hope you enjoyed your look around! breaking and broken doesn't feel good - but my five minutes ended before i could add that sometimes for me, it is the best place to meet with God.

      thanks for commenting - hope you have a great weekend.

  2. And aren't we all breaking, or broken at some time...and know, you are not alone. Isn't it beautiful how He teaches us through all things...you seeing the brokenness in the stone and then connecting that to your heart? God is moving...and moving in to Him is right where you want to be. May your journey be blessed!!

    1. thanks for encouraging words! and appreciate the visit.


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