21 July 2013

The morning after "The Night of the Midges" - Part 3 of Castle Questing

When we awoke, the morning after, the midgies (as M&M had started calling them) were still hanging around. Thankfully, they were mildly less aggressive in their attack and bite procedures - or we were less tired and just handled it a little better with some sleep under our belts.

If you were able to decipher Rebekah's commentary on yesterday's video (amidst all the laughing and kid noise), you might have heard her say that we were camping near a creek. Creek was a bit of an understatement - I'd call it a small river - especially since it has waterfalls.

Tim got the fire started, we ate breakfast and then I kept the gang by the river while Tim and Brendan packed up the vans so we could hit the road.

Things started a little grumpy - but they got better the longer we sat by the fire. Soon the girls were singing, Rebekah was gathering more firewood, the littles were tossing pine cones into the flames and  throwing flowers into the river to watch them twist and turn in the current.

It was a CHILLY morning!

I THINK she is trying to keep warm!

She's turning into such a princess tomboy!!

And soon, the vans were loaded and it was time to go... to continue our quest for a castle to explore... so stay tuned!

...but, we aren't quite done with the River of Shinn... yet!

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