28 July 2013

And really, could we leave without a meal of fish and chips?

Our last night in Scotland, we walked from our airport to a highly recommended fish and chips carryout place. We figured we'd grab our food and walk around the corner to Fountain Park where we could sit and eat before heading back to the hotel to finish showering munchkins and other assorted Wrightlings as well as complete the packing of our 20ish suitcases. 

It took us about 20 minutes to get to the restaurant, and by that time, M&M had fallen asleep while riding in her stroller.

Doesn't that look delish? It was!

Ho...ho...ho...hot  french fries chips!

This statue of Robert Burns was a dominant feature in Fountain Park.

The fountain in the center of the park was another key feature... although the park and the fountain looked a bit neglected and the fountain wasn't working... would've been kinda cool if it had been, at least that was the opinion of the younger Wrightlings.

And just like any picnic in the park in any big city... 
we had company begging for a few handouts!

Fortunately these guys were rather entertaining to watch.

After we cleaned up our mess, let the kids run and play for a few, it was time to head home... and sadly... time to bring our 

to a close.

Although I'm quite sure we'd all do it again, in a heartbeat!

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