12 July 2013

The evening the mamas took off by themselves... (instead of a typical Five Minute Friday... this week)

One evening, while on Shapinsay, Jenny and I left the daddies and the kiddies watching a movie... and we took off to explore and take some photos... all on our own. It was one of my most delightful times on the island, just hanging with a friend... doing something we both love... without the responsibility of family for just a few. Here is a bit of what we saw ~ 

Shapinsay's single standing stone

the heather

 farmer out in his fields, working as the sun goes down

the cows saw us stopping by their field...

they came running, hoping for dinner, I think...

An old church and graveyard

the castle, once again, from across the bay


  1. Dear Richelle,
    So happy that you and your friend were able to enjoy time together amongst such gorgeous scenery; thanks for sharing the photos :) Are you still driving to Michigan? Praying you are well :)

    1. We should finally be home, tomorrow!! YAY!!

      and we had a wonderful trip. so thankful we took the time to create these memories with our gang.



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