11 July 2013

Joy in the nothing

A picture from Shapinsay that ALWAYS makes me smile ~ 

My friend dropped me off to take photos of the castle and the harbor ~ planning to come back and get me a bit later ~ and so I enjoyed wandering around.

On the gate to the little garden right there in town, I found this tiny plaque...

When you travel around, mostly nonstop, as we've spent the last 5ish weeks doing - you run across historical marker after historical marker that tells of momentous moments in the history of whichever and whatever place you happen to be.


The history is fascinating, but it is easy to hit overload pretty quickly, and those brown road signs, plaques and markers become easy to overlook.

Or, you spend so much time looking for the next "big" event, the next "unusual" thing that enters into your life... and you miss the beautiful, everyday nothing moments that are probably, actually, the majority of life.

After 5ish weeks of traveling, lots of fun and so many amazing things we've seen and done, I do believe we are looking forward to finding some joy in the nothing moments of normal life.

And this little sign reminds me of the importance, and the validity (which seems to be questioned in western cultures), of unspectacularly enjoying nothing...

Hope you enjoy the other photos I snapped while wandering around on my own (other than the castle - see yesterday's post for those ones :-) ).

A model (based on hypothesis and research and imagination) of the broch we'd recently seen.

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