01 August 2013

Watching my kiddos learn about Oklahoma...

always tallies up as a super neat moment for me... even if they complain about too much wind!

After we packed up from our Route 66 KOA campground (We were on the road before 9 a.m. - not to bad for showering, breakfasting, breaking down camp and reloading the van for a family of 10 - the littles even got in a bit of playground time!) ...we decided to pop in at one of the nearby national parks. We had two very specific reasons: 1) to help our kids learn about about an ecology and environment very different from both Michigan and the Sahara/Sahel regions of West Africa, and 2) ...well, that reason is the next post and I don't want to give it away too soon, so...

We stopped at this place - and hiked a short, easy trail introducing the Wrightlings to some key Oklahoma history stuff.



This display (including the next four photos) was probably one of the ones our kids found most fascinating. The pictures below demonstrate exactly how the prairie grows back after burning - and although several of them already knew that fire was an important aspect of life on the prairie, it was neat to see some of the littles begin to recognize that it wasn't just bad, but that the destruction actually served an important purpose in prairie ecology.

The next photo highlights our primary reason for stopping here back in June. Thanks to the TV show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, our gang was somewhat familiar with the Battle of Washita ~ and we all wanted to learn more.

But this post is already awful long, so that will have to be another post for another day.

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