22 August 2013

Donner Memorial Park

The name "Donner" is a bit infamous... but actually is a tragic and amazing story of survival. Ever heard of that Animal Planet series, "I Shouldn't be Alive?" It's got nothing on the series of unfortunate and ill-planned events that happened to this group of people.

Listening to, watching re-enactment videos, reading about this story once again... watching my children learn about this moment in history... re-emphasized the importance of not judging others until I've walked in their shoes... not saying, "I would've never done that!" without actually having been in the situation and not done that... because "there, but for the grace of God, go I..."

Some of the paintings in the museum were amazing...

This butterfly display captured our kids' attention for several minutes.

Waiting for the video to begin.

The "gang"

the memorial...

They say the snow that year was as deep as the stone pedestal part of the memorial... that's a lot of snow!

It was a sobering and informative morning... and then it was time for us
to start trekking east.

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