17 August 2013

It's always fun to cross paths with Niger friends... but in the USA!

It was a real treat for our family to swing through their town, grill hotdogs, let the kids visit and play, delight our Jon-man in seeing one of his best buddies from school the previous year, and stretch our legs - getting out of the car for a bit.

We popped in on the Wetmores!

And what did the kiddos do?


They watched...

It was a little intense for M&M...,
which means they must have been watching River Monsters.

Our short visit ended much too quickly and soon it was time to say goodbye again...
and hit the road.

But not before we collected t-shirts and sweat pants
(I have NO idea how many layers Jonathan is wearing right here.)...

which came in delightfully handy later that very night, 

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