02 August 2013

Nasty Nighttime Whatifs

We all know - and have probably told (at least once, or more, if I’m honest) - one of those classic missionary horror stories about traffic cop corruption or bugs or snakes or exotic parasites or nauseating food. People almost seem to expect that. Well, at least they do some of the time.

But so do I. At the very least I’ll often find myself leaning that way whether or not I end up acting on those leanings…

It’s easier.

It’s easier because I mostly came to terms with those critters and the bizarre-ness and frustrating irritating-ness of missionary life and just having to deal with it nearly forever ago …or at least it seems that way.

But it is much easier to share those stories than it is to talk about the really nasty critters - the ones that thread into your thoughts, grab hold of your heart and infiltrate your imaginations...

Hope you enjoy these fun snake pictures... a look back to a few years ago!

However, if you want to read the rest of my thoughts on these irksome creatures, head on over to a life overseas: the missions conversation

Be sure and add your voice to the discussion as well.
See you there!

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