13 August 2013

Waves and Fun and thankfully NO Sharks

Andi's wedding was over.

It was the last evening with cousins - and we still had to pack.

We'd been in California for 5 days and we still hadn't seen the beach.

We had to fix that!

Off to Huntington Beach we went.

We didn't take swimsuits... It wasn't a particularly sunny day - in fact it was on the cooler side - and the surf was pretty wild... so the plan was to wade and play in the shallow water without getting too wet.

So much for "the plan..."

Not even the knowledge of this (which happened on June 4 and this was only 26 days later)...

...put a damper on their enthusiasm.

It wan't until the littles started getting cold

...as in shivering uncontrollably cold


we realized we hadn't brought any towels (remember, we weren't planning on going in beyond knee deep - with the waves...

...that we finally convinced them to come out of the water, traipse across the sand and beach volleyball courts, clamber back to the vehicles -where we blasted the heaters and stopped at McDs for some hot drinks, to head back to the cousins' house.

We had to mop the van out the next morning before we could load it to begin the our trek back to Michigan.

It was so worth it!

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