16 August 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Our biggest of the littles might be small in stature... but she's big in heart and courage!

We took our littles to the county fair today/tonight. It wasn't their first visit, but only Victoria vaguely remembers going before - and what she mostly remembers is the animals... and watching the big cat show... from the last time! It's been four years, after all!


After a couple of hours there this morning/afternoon and a yummy-but-way-too-expensive-and-bad-for-your-health lunch with the whole family, we had to bring our biggers home for their sports practices and we decided that we'd return later in the evening, after the midway (i.e. the rides) opened, with just the littles. I figured they'd want to go through the fun houses, play a few games, ride the carousel and the ferris wheel and maybe the kiddie roller coaster. After all, they'd never been to an "amusement park" before in their entire lives.

She surprised me!

She's tiny... really she is... so it is easy to forget that she's 10 going on 18... except for those moments when her attitude and grumpiness rivals that of a much older teen.

She surprised us when she said she wanted to ride this ride... even after we made her stand there and watch.

And she exited the ride a bit steadier than her daddy did!

Boy! Do I LIKE this kid!

Another Five Minute Friday.

You know you want to join in, too! So be brave, like my half-pint, and take the plunge!
Be sure and say, "Hey!" if you do!

Head over to Lisa Jo's to find out "the rules" - 
and I promise - they aren't complicated or difficult.


  1. This blog writing reminds me of how much I miss my kids being little! I have 3 boys and they are teens, and your blog post just hits me that way.. so beautiful.. thank you for sharing your FMF small ... it was big in words :)

    1. we're busy enjoying teens as well - but there's something super special about the littles as they experience and see so much for the first time (or the first time they remember!)

      glad you popped over for a visit today. blessings!

  2. Thank you for that lovely glimpse into the braveness of your family. The joy and adventure and loving big the every moments lived. How wonderful!

    1. and thanks for stopping by today. i thoroughly enjoyed the challenge in the words you shared in your post - thank you for that, as well.

  3. I think I would not enjoy that ride half as much as she did

    1. just as her daddy didn't! :-) i offered to go, but it was a daddy-daughter thing!


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