27 August 2013

The first storm

After we left Donner Pass, Truckee and the Tahoe region... we struck off across Nevada.

It was a long drive and really, this was pretty much what it looked like most of the way across the state.

However, as we neared the Goshute Mountain Range on the east side of the state... near where we were planning to camp that night, the clouds started to build...

A full-fledged thunderstorm...

...and I'm not sure what we found more amazing: watching the clouds themselves or watching the shadows of those clouds move across the mountains.

I'm sure if I meditated on this some, there's be some great spiritual application to pull out of watching the clouds that day... but mostly I remember being thankful that the storm (with the accompanying direct strike lightening) passed to the south of our campground while the resulting winds made what could have been an intensely uncomfortably hot night of camping more tolerable.

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