02 August 2013

Five Minute Friday ~ Story

We who live in this blogging world? We like to tell stories.
It is almost therapeutic for me to share the story of my family and of me -
to make sure someone gets a glimpse of us, from the inside out.

We who live in a missionary world? We also like to tell stories.
On home assignment, we'll spend much of the next year telling our story
of the last three years.

But I'm starting to think I spend far too much time on my story 
and the stories of my family 
and scripting out my storied thoughts...

What if I made a better effort to listen and hear their stories...

Are they sisters?
Are they widows?
Do they like their work, frying bean fritters and selling them to passersby every morning?
Did they have enough food to fill their bellies last night?

Are they employees of this boutique?
Or might one of them be the owner?
Or are these simply the guys who come to hang out and visit and drink for hour after hour?
Do they have wives? Were their marriages arranged or did they have a say?

What's he stock in his refrigerator?
Can he afford to keep it running? Or is it a slightly deceptive armoir to store some of his products for sale?

Each picture evokes questions, questions I wonder if I should have taken the time to ask.

When I spend time listening to and hearing the heart behind others' stories, maybe then I've earned the right to share my own.

Or better yet, maybe then, I'll have an opportunity to share 
the best-est, 
most wonderful-est
and important 
story of all...

His Story.


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I want to hear your story!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I'm your neighbor at FMF, and it seems we had similar thoughts on our hearts. :) Stories are not a one-way street.

    1. thanks for popping by!

      stories certainly aren't - i think sometimes, while i appreciate the sentiment and "encouragement" behind it, i get tired of the message preached so commonly of "be courageous and tell your story..." "you have a valuable story, so share it."

      what if it takes more courage to listen, really hearing another's story and the possibility that it might change me or make me uncomfortable without feeling the need to "retaliate..."

      thinking lots on those thoughts these days.

  2. checking in from 5 minute friday and so glad I did! this post had me thinking about the stories in the pictures, your story, my story and His story that connects them all. I loved it. Excellent!

    1. i think that is the draw of photojournalism to begin with - wondering about the stories of the people in the pictures, the stories behind the pictures, the stories of the pictures themselves.

      thank you for popping by - i'm glad you felt it worth the time you shared with me today.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity you have to hear stories from a different culture, a different world. This year, you get to tell the stories for your year at home. When you get back, you will be ready to listen, learn, and share.

    1. and we are really looking forward to this year at home - and the opportunity to catch up with so many!

  4. Thank you for giving me a peek into the life of a missionary. My son has been wondering about this life for about a month. I wrote a post on it a few weeks ago. I shared your photos and it was quite thought provoking for him. Thank you again, Five Minute Friday.

    1. glad our story could encourage you in this way. how old is your son?

  5. I love this. I wonder how often the people we pass everyday are yearning to tell their stories - if only someone would listen.


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